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Halloween Poor Homies Gang Run

$25.00 / Sold Out

100 Handmade screen printed vinyl stickers!!
50 orange ink on black vinyl
50 black ink on orange vinyl
2.5 by 2.5 inches, uncut.

One design per slot! You can purchase as many slots as ya like!

Sign up is ONLY available Wednesday morning Sept 20th to Friday Sept 22nd. If you are super keen on this run I suggest buying a slot Wednesday or Thursday when you are GUARANTEED a spot, I don't know what time I'll be cutting off slots on Friday- it depends on how hard it pops off!!

ARTWORK DUE before 8pm September 22nd, Friday, pacific standard time.

Disclaimer!!!: because I am printing half the stickers with dark ink on light vinyl and the other half light ink on dark vinyl- if you send me artwork that is ink heavy or in halftone- it WILL look as though it's been reversed out in NEGATIVE- when printed light on dark. Sometimes it looks dope and sometimes it's just way too busy and cluttered. Please give this thought and see examples in the photos HERE. (Scroll to see)


IF YOU ARE LOCAL AND WOULD LIKE TO PICK UP LOCALLY!!! Please let me know in your email when you send me your artwork. I will drop off your stickers at CHIMPSHOP- a new fun retail space on Woodstock attached to Primal Burger. Your sticker pack will include a partial refund of your shipping in cash. You still get your stickers in a rad box. Refund will be 5 of the 8 bucks. You MUST let me know in your email you want to pickup locally or else I'll mail it.

Artwork can be any shape but I'll be proportionately fitting it into a 2.5 by 2.5 inch square space. Keep that in mind and don't send me long skinny images or you will be wasting lots of your space when I shrink it down to fit. If your image is NOT super detailed- you can grid two smaller images together to fit into your space and have twice the stickers!

PLEASE... be sure to check your email the evening/day after you submit artwork. If there are any changes that need to be made or the file format is wonky I'll need to be able to contact you. Vector PDF, 300 resolution scan or digital artwork saved in Jpg would be great. Tif is fine. So is PNG. Don't send me weird web files like Gifs, DON'T pull your artwork off the internet.

After you purchase a slot (or multiple slots) you have until this Friday the 22nd at 8 at night Pacific Time to email me your artwork. If I do not receive your artwork by then I will keep your money move on with printing everyone else's artwork. If you can email me your artwork sooner than Friday night- please do so I can begin getting the sheet layouts ready!

Please email your artwork to arrexstore@gmail.com and include the name you paypalled under so I know which address goes with which artwork. Even if we've worked together before- please include all your info- just makes things quicker for me :)

Remember- if your artwork is pixelated when you send it to me- it will look that way when screen printed- send me high quality files!

Be sure your image does not have tons of fine detail- screen printing is not like digital- I cannot get super tiny lines. Please be sure to check your email within a couple hours of mailing me your image in case I ask you to send me a less detailed file or have questions.

I am adding shipping charges to every order- 8 for US and $24 for Abroad. Sorry my abroad peeps, they've been raising the prices for abroad shipping and it really is getting nasty. All gang run packages will now be mailed out in a rad little box that is screen printed by hand. The boxes will not only look cool but help ensure the stickers arrive safely.